The Toronto Institute of Group Studies is certified as an Educational Institute
with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and is registered as a
Training Institute with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.
Training Program fees are tax deductible
as approved by Canada Revenue Agency.

What this is about
We are committed to training and supporting effective group leaders.

We believe that an understanding of group dynamics and processes enhances the functioning of any group, team or community.

Our faculty team draws from diverse professional backgrounds and interests, in the service of advancing our shared commitment to group learning.

Upcoming Training Opportunities and Events

June 22, 2021

Half-day Workshop
Practical Strategies for Online Groups 


June 11, 2021

Full-day Workshop
Beyond Theory - A Process Group Experience for Group Leaders 


May 13, 2021

In Conversation with Yvonne Bergmans about Peer Leadership in Groups 


April 15, 2021

8 Week Group Leadership Consultation Series 


April 8, 2021

In Conversation with Joan- Dianne Smith and Allan Sheps  about Co-leadership
Session Video 


January 28, 2021

In conversation with Stephane Treyvaud about Mindful Group Leadership


January 12, 2021


December 10, 2020

In Conversation with Molyn Leszcz about Leadership in Challenging Times 
Session Video


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