What We Offer

Our training model integrates an understanding of group process from developmental and multi-system perspectives. Our intention is to enhance group leadership capacity.  


Our comprehensive approach to training examines the evolution of group theory and practice from the traditional and historical models to more modern and current practices.

Using a developmental lens, we explore and integrate the various experiences of the self, the group member, the group as a whole and the group leader, incorporating theoretical and experiential learning, self-reflection and application.

Our program is delivered over 4 intensive weekends, Friday 2-8; Saturday 9-5; Sunday 9-5 through the developmental progression of the lifespan of a group.

Experiential Learning
A key component of our training program is experiential learning.

Experiential learning uses the parallel process of the trainee group to bring group theory to life.

The connections between theory and lived experience are explored through: participation in process groups, structured exercises, activities, belonging to the trainee group and experiential reflection.

We recognize that effective group leadership involves ongoing growth and evolution.

We support this process through the integration of theoretical and applied learning, feedback and continued self-reflection.

Our peer consultation is offered in a group format, which harnesses all the learning opportunities available in the group setting.

We believe that an understanding of group dynamics and processes enhances the functioning of any group, team or community. 

Please contact us for information about how our team can support yours.